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About Me

My background

Ten years municipal government experience providing high-quality services.

I worked professionally as a municipal administrator for small towns in Massachusetts, helping citizens with their problems, enhancing their quality of life.

College Professor for more than a decade.

I have worked in traditional classrooms and taught English, Journalism and communications classes online as well.

Published author & journalist

My books have been read by people around the world to great reviews.

My top issues

The Time Has Come - Medicare for All!

 We know that the health care system that works the best in this country is Medicare. Compared to private insurance, there is virtually no bureaucracy for managing it.  People get the health care they want and need.  Medicare is a system created by both political parties:  Medicare under Lyndon Johnson, Advantage Plans under President George H.W. Bush, and prescription drug plans under President George W. Bush. 

Protection for the Dreamers

The Dreamers are young people brought to the United States as children.  They did not choose to enter the United States illegally.  Now, they are Americans by education and culture.  Forcing them to leave the United States would be cruel to them and a loss to us.  

Passing legislation to support the Dreamers is an issue both parties agree on.  President Obama protected the Dreamers from deportation through an executive order when he could not get legislation passed.  President Trump rescinded the executive order, but called on Congress to pass a law providing that same protection. 

Strengthening economic power of the middle class!

 We need a tax system that helps those Americans in the middle.  Do you believe that President Trump's tax proposals, the Republican tax proposals that our current Congressman voted for will help the middle class in Florida?  I don't.  Polls say that many Republicans don't believe it. We can make our taxes fairer and put those tax dollars to work on roads and bridges and other Florida infrastructure.

Taking care of the environment -- especially keeping Central Florida a beautiful place to live with clean water and air. 

I am opposed to the mining expansion proposed in Hernando County for this reason.

My involvement

Editor Knights of Columbus Newsletter

The Knights of Columbus serve citizens with disabilities, provide food to the hungry, give scholarships to deserving students, and I am proud to help shine a light on these and other worthwhile activities in the monthly newsletter.

Active Member of Church Faith Formation Program

I have been a member of the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) for years, teaching prospective members of the church about important aspects of the faith.

Served on local boards, such as:

The Council on Aging, Cable Advisory Commission, the School Board, Charter Review Commission and Town Council, among others.

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